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An Imaginary View from a Synthetic Window

September 18 - October 09, 2021


Jep Dizon’s “An Imaginary View from a Synthetic Window” tells the story of how humans are manipulated by modern reality, to the point that they have forsaken the world that is out there. People, immobilized by the instant life full of glit and glamour, stay still as time passes them by. And even when the shroud of technology is lifted, only 4 walls and a false window to the outside world is there to welcome each and every one of mankind. Gone are the days of appreciating and savoring moments in life beyond, life that is filled with lights from above and waves from below. 

An artist that savors the details of the past and the present, Jep Dizon’s works are a collage of different moments in his life spent here on the plane of the living. Nothing is lost in translation. Everything that has happened, big or small, is relevant to what is and what will be. In summary, Dizon’s exhibit is a window to how he sees humanity today: brought closer by technology that vanquishes the hurdles of time and space, yet hidden from the majestic beauty that exists beyond the 4 corners of the sandbox.

-Angelo Jose  

Jep Dizon graduated from Far Eastern University with a degree in Fine Arts and a major in painting. He worked in the corporate sector as a graphic designer before he decided to become a full time artist.


Dizon has gained recognition from Shell National Art Competition and Metrobank Arts and Design Excellence for his remarkable works and has been part of numerous group exhibits since 2015 and had his first solo show in 2019.

Dizon believes that an artist should always be honest and work with integrity while looking for inspiration, He loves experimenting and exploring his environment. You can identify his work with classical, contemporary realism. His human subjects would often be represented as faceless or with hidden faces suggesting anonymity. He intently erases identity in order for his audiences to access and relate with his works. Most of his subjects are based on his environment, and some are influenced by music or his hobbies.

For his upcoming solo exhibit, he relates his works with the modern trends such as technology and social media platforms. For him, the concept of these platforms became the illusion of our reality where we often forget to see the beauty of the natural environment and the importance of present moments. His works are a weave of past and present experiences.

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