Doktor Karayom
May 29 - June 19, 2021





Nakakapagod na din minsan

Titigil muna ako sa pag galaw

Wala muna akong iisipin kundi wala..

Hindi muna ako magsasalita…


Sa araw na ito isa akong bangko,

Pader na nakatayo

Ako yung kumukulo pag malapit na maluto

Isa akong kutsara na iyong isusubo


ako yung telepono mo na laging hawak

yung bakod sa lupa na malawak

ako yung bitak sa pader na baku baku

kulay na itim sa balat, tattoo tattoo


ang kaso …nagising na ako

tapos na ang pahinga mula sa trangkaso

lagok ng tubig,  isang baso

banatin ang buto , kalas ulo

tumatanda na nga talaga tayo…

Doktor Karayom


Russel Trinidad is a Filipino Artist that dove into the local art scene initially as a graffiti artist painting murals on abandoned buildings. Trinidad Graduated with a degree in Fine Arts at the Technological University of the Philippines, he masked behind his street name “Doktor Karayom” to avoid vandalism charges at the time he did only graffiti work. 


In this show, Trinidad directs his works toward the release in the reality of an individual due to the stressors and anxious events surrounding them, this is about regaining sanity and rest. Without hesitation, Trinidad focuses on what he decides to create, he uses art as his expression to liberate his deep thoughts. As his art changes on a constant, he finds solace in the fact that his works are apart from each other, where emotions are observed in each piece he lets out. Different concepts and creative thinking always have to be exerted to produce most of his output. 


Trinidad continued his street art while holding solo exhibitions and fulfilling commissions for his red paintings and sculptures. Doktor Karayom started to garner appreciation, receiving mainstream media coverage for his street art. He found success in art competitions, first winning a t-shirt design contest for a local fashion brand, and later the Ateneo Art Award in 2017 then the Thirteen Artist Award in 2018.