Given Time

Jaime Pacena II

16 May 2020

Given Time

Jaime Pacena II

16 May — 06 June

Artist-in-Residence (AIR), a process wherein a creative individual or group of people nurtures and develops their creative research, their artistic process and methods in a different space outside the ideals of their own home or studio. It can be in a different region or even in a different country and immerse in the community, locality and the culture it offers that challenges, break or develop one’s ideals and process. It gives opportunities to network with other artists, institutions and individuals and the society. But the most important part of what AIR offers is time. It gives artists time to reflect, to collaborate, to create and go beyond the routine and the expectations to one’s practice. 


Pacena will present recent works that reflect the mental, emotional and physical space of isolation and quarantine during this pandemic. It features a series of recent paintings that highlights the stages of grief of an individual during this global crisis. This will be presented in a virtual gallery space that somehow investigates the notions of the new normal, that even the art industry cannot escape. The project will extend in a social media platform take over, as Pacena presents his daily life in his home and studio as an exploration on the practice of Artist-in-Residence during this trying times.


Given Time is presented by Art Cube via Artsteps App and Instagram.




2/F Building B, Karrivin Plaza,

2316 Chino Roces Avenue Extension,

Makati City, Philippines

Tuesday to Saturday



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