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Kulay Diwa

Rachel Anne Lacaba

December 03 - December 27, 2022

Press Release

Kulay Diwa

Humanity is a gray area.

Is it good? Is it evil? Kulay Diwa maps out the colors that are intrinsic to the human spirit.

1. Of the heart
2. Of the mind
3. Of one's ultimate purpose

With the above definition of diwa, can we still say that it exists in the modern world? How does diwa express itself in our modern life? Modern technology and the advancement of science have now blurred our priorities, our boundaries. Humanity is a spectrum.

Rachel Anne Lacaba ponders on existence, particularly its implications and repercussions to one's conscience. For many, distinguishing between what is good and evil may seem like an obvious decision. Greed-driven decisions often stick out like a sore thumb but some choices should never be perceived in black and white.

How does diwa color your life?

What is the right shade of blue or red or yellow that may complement one's spirit? Lacaba explores the possibilities of hues in narrating one's values.

Mixing all colors turns them into a dull shade. Change the context, then it can also turn into an immaculate light.

In Kulay Diwa, Lacaba examines our individual realities and how these individual realities may be deemed valid, no matter how absurd they may seem on the surface.

Humanity comes in shades. Our existence comes in gradients.

Life is found in the in-betweens.

Maia San Diego

Rachel Anne Lacaba (b.1990)

Rachel Anne Lacaba is a self-taught visual artist hailing from Pangasinan, Philippines. She graduated with a degree in Information Technology at AMA College before pursuing a career in the art industry. The artist's social realism and surrealism techniques are dedicated to the realities of life and her works usually portray socio-political issues.

Lacaba’s works have been displayed in multiple exhibitions in various major galleries in the Philippines and abroad. She became part of the CANVAS‘ Artist-in-Residence Program in 2019 and 2020, was a grantee of the TUKLAS Mentorship in 2019, and was part of the Residency Program in 2022. She also participated in the Linangan Art Residency Mentorship Program in the same year.

For her upcoming exhibit Titled– KULAY DIWA, Lacaba examines individual realities and how these may be deemed valid, no matter how absurd they may seem on the surface. She explores the possibilities of hues in narrating one's values.

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