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Shake,Rattle & Roll

Pablo Constante Zingapan

February 12, 2022 - March 05, 2022

Press Release


Nostalgia. Such a simple word for something that causes us to feel many emotions. It does not relate to a specific memory, but rather an emotional state. We put an emotional state within an era, or specific frame, and choose to idealize that specific time. When an old song or a familiar smell triggers a pleasant memory of an event in our past, most of us pause to savor the momentary rush of emotions until it fades. And as good as nostalgia feels, this indicates that it is largely guilt-free pleasure, offering many tangible benefits to our mental, social, and even physical well-being.

"Shake, Rattle, and Roll', the third solo exhibition of Pablo Constante Zingapan, highlights the supernatural, the Filipino mythical creatures, and superstitious beliefs. Heavily influenced by watching horror movies and reading horror stories, this paved the way for the artist to create these masterpieces. Pablo used old pictures, triggering nostalgia and an eerie feel to it.

My encounter with the works of Pablo stands out among other peculiar moments I have had with art. It stimulates thoughts of wandering and introspection, of being carried away when we engage over imagination. To describe Pablo's works as unique would be an understatement. The paintings he create can be sinister and unnerving. And yet, they provoke a sense of solace at the same time. His paintings assault the senses and leave viewers reeling. Overall, Pablo's work is an artistic aide-memoire. It lingers with you long after you've turned away.

We are inevitably confronted with the realization that time runs in only one direction and we can never actually return to the past. By accepting the irrevocability of the past, a reflective attitude allows us to appreciate our memories for what they are---- mental recreations of past experiences and to take aesthetic pleasure in our present experience of a memory without fretting over the fact that we can actually relive that moment in time.

- Etch Vizcarra

Pablo Constante Zingapan

He studied Fine Arts in Far Eastern University & University of Northern Philippines in Vigan. He became a finalist in some National Art Competitions such as the GSIS Art Competition in 2019 and 2010 and the Metrobank Arts and Design Excellence (MADE) Competition in 2012.

His works are mostly illustrations of horror movies, pop icons, and music he listens to, He also likes to explore new ideas about his art. At present, he has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in Metro Manila, as well as a recent solo exhibition last 2020.

For his upcoming exhibit, titled – Shake Rattle & Roll, from one of the famous horror movie in the Philippines, Pablo intends to give highlight to some of the Superstitions, Myths and beliefs adding humors to his works

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