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Kiko Marquez

July 6 - August 3, 2024

Press Release

What Happens Now

Kiko Marquez’s solo exhibition, ANYAREH, springs from the simple curiosity of a child’s innocent question, the artist's daughter, when she witnessed some baffling scenes she experienced. In his compelling collection of recent works, Marquez magnifies this inquiry, not merely seeking answers for himself and his daughter but also inviting his audience to engage and provide their interpretations. Through his realist paintings, Marquez captures the faultless beauty of nature situated in precarious, often overlooked, scenarios, confronting viewers to ponder and take action.

This exhibition includes the ubiquitous bubble wrap recurring in the artist's career, this time taking on new meaning as it encases remnants of corporeal states, highlighting the delicate balance between protection and fragility. Titled Maalala ka na lang nila kapag wala nang maalala sa ala-ala mo (They will only remember you when your memory has been forgotten), it serves as a poignant memento mori, underscoring the impermanence of human existence while emphasizing the responsibility we bear for our actions as we navigate the fleeting nature of reminiscence and our own legacy.

Marquez’s art extends beyond painting to include wall-bound mixed-media assemblages, echoing pieces from his previous show. These pieces spotlight the helplessness of animals in captivity, with physical interventions barring them from plain view. Through them, the artist comments on the human impact on wildlife, blending realism with a deep sense of empathy for the natural world. The artist also incorporates the look and texture of concrete into selected pieces, embedding his paintings into them, with one of his works even staging the evocative image of an insect on a solitary branch on what appears to be a fragment of window molding showing a view of the outside. This element serves as a critique of urbanization and its effects on nature, juxtaposing the raw, unyielding nature of pavement material with land, home to the organic forms it often displaces. It also reinforces the themes of confinement and artificiality, challenging viewers to reflect on the cost of progress and development.

Through questions of preservation, memory, and responsibility, ANYAREH is an evolving story of where we are now and where this expression of the artist's thought-provoking journey will take us. Marquez’s dexterous technique and layered symbolism invite viewers to explore the intersections of beauty and fragility, protection and vulnerability, showcasing his skill as a realist painter and his ability to weave complex narratives that resonate on both personal and universal levels. Through ANYAREH, Marquez encourages us to look closer, think deeper, and question the world around us, not only through a child's eyes but as adults who can, hopefully, make more sense.

Kaye O’Yek

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