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Beyond The Scars: Illuminating The Light Within

Daniel Dela Cruz

September 2-30, 2023

Press Release

Beyond the Scars: Illuminating the Light Within

Adversity shapes us, but it does not have to consume us. In life’s journey, we inevitably encounter trials and pain that leave scars upon our hearts and souls. Constant reminders of our battles, these scars do not define who we are. We are more than the sum of our wounds; we are resilient beings capable of letting the light shine from within, illuminating the darkness that tries to engulf us.

Instead of allowing our scars to become prisons of sorrow, we can transform them into stories of triumph. The human spirit possesses a remarkable ability to rise above pain, find meaning in suffering, and emerge stronger than ever before. Our scars can be symbols of courage and perseverance that inspire others to face their own trials.

Letting the light shine from within requires self-compassion and acceptance. It means acknowledging our vulnerabilities while embracing our strengths. By doing so, we allow the light of resilience and hope to radiate outward, touching the lives of those around us. We can become beacons of positivity, offering comfort and support to others struggling in their own darkness. We can guide others on their healing journeys through our experiences and the wisdom gained from overcoming adversity. Our scars then become bridges of empathy and understanding, connecting us in our shared humanity.

We are more than the scars we bear. Despite the trials and pain, we possess the power to transcend our wounds and let the light within us shine. Embracing our scars, we can foster hope and resilience within ourselves and inspire others to find their light in the midst of life's challenges. Together, we can create a world where compassion and inner strength prevail, illuminating even the darkest corners of existence.

Let us embrace our scars, recognizing that they are not indicators of weakness but badges of strength. By harnessing the power of our inner light, we can transcend our wounds, inspire others, and create a world where compassion and empathy thrive.

Daniel Dela Cruz

Daniel Dela Cruz

Daniel Dela Cruz, an accomplished sculptor driven by a fervent passion and endowed with an innate curiosity for tangible forms, has essayed through works that span decades the interiority of the human condition, the predicament of modern life, and our small—but no less significant—attempts at transcendence. From molding clay in his boyhood to shaping intricate forms with found objects, his love for sculpture is animated by the yearning for philosophy, which he studied at the University of the Philippines.

Coming from a family of doctors and involved in product design for export handicrafts throughout much of his professional life, his devotion to sculpture remained unwavering. A pivotal moment arrived at his 40th birthday in 2007, spurring him to finally embark on his artistic endeavors. Mentored by luminaries Arturo Luz and Lor Calma, he debuted as an artist with his first solo exhibition, Kandungan—an ode to the feminine form and motherhood.

Dela Cruz’s art draws from his education and design background, seen in projects like the iconic metal torch for the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. His diverse creations range from robust sculptures to complex pieces, all evoking a profundity of thought and emotion. His exhibits, including Material Culture, critique the excesses of materialism, while his iOS-lation series delves into technology-induced isolation’s impact
on mental health.

Beyond his artistic creations, he has remained committed to fellow artists, leading the Visual Arts Helping Hands Foundation, which provides funding and direct intervention for medical issues. Daniel Dela Cruz’s artistic journey is a testament to his dedication to his craft, innovation in form and technique, and resonating impact on the visual arts community. Through his works and philanthropy, he is proof to the vital role of artists in the life and imagination of the country while establishing a legacy that is at once indelible and inspiring,

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