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Divine Timing

Froilan Calayag

June 8 - 29, 2024

Press Release

In his first solo exhibition for Art Cube, Froilan Calayag unveils a spellbinding collection that showcases his distinctive style and figuration, which blends surrealism, fables, and personal mythology. Titled Divine Timing, the exhibition explores the concept of moments when everything aligns perfectly, creating a sense of inevitability and divine orchestration.

For Calayag, this exhibition represents a pivotal moment in his artistic journey—a crossroads where he confronts and embraces his identity as an artist. Divine Timing reflects on his life and career, embodying his acknowledgment that painting is not just a vocation but a defining element of his existence. This show is a full embrace of his life as a painter, an acknowledgment that his artistry shapes his very being.

While Calayag humbly acknowledges that he still has much to learn, this exhibition demonstrates the full mastery of his talents. The centerpiece of the show, a large-scale work titled “Bright Tides,” measuring 9 by 19 feet, exemplifies both the scale and complexity of his craft. This vibrant painting exudes an intense sense of jubilation, depicting fish leaping joyfully as bears eagerly await their catch. The dynamic interplay between the darkened left side of the painting and the well-lit right side serves as a powerful mode of storytelling, symbolizing the transition from struggle and uncertainty to clarity and celebration.

“Bright Tides” is a highly symbolic work that embraces the complexities of human nature. It juxtaposes our fears and misdeeds with our hopes and virtues, suggesting that true understanding comes from acknowledging and integrating all aspects of ourselves.

In addition to “Bright Tides,” the exhibition features a series of paintings that depict scenes of harvest and the receiving of gifts. These images symbolize abundance, gratitude, and the fruition of one’s efforts. They serve as metaphors for the rewards that come from hard work, perseverance, and the alignment of internal desires with external opportunities.

Froilan Calayag’s "Divine Timing” invites viewers into a world where the surreal blends seamlessly with the personal, creating a rich tapestry of symbolism and narrative. By immersing us in his visionary landscapes, Calayag not only shares his own stories but also encourages us to reflect on our own inner journeys. The exhibition reminds us that every moment of magic is indeed a product of divine timing.

-Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

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