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Esaes, Eyag, tan Kareenan

Abet Sison, Aeron Dizon, Ben Albino, Boni De Guzman, Boy Patalim, Carl Zarcilla, Carlo Talion, Domeng Cruz, Edz Calimlim, Frenk Sison, Gino Tioseco, Herwin Buccat, Jeffrey Somera, Jerry Buccat, Kinoo Padlan, Kryzelle Pasion, Mak Delos Santos, Mel Casipit, Mona Vince, Nathaniel Jovero, Noli Dela Cruz, Paulyn Albino, Pochacho Patatas, Prince Logan, Queenie Marzan, Rehas, Richard Celeste, Sarmancheta, Van Zachary Turingan, Vern Pascual, Wenn Licuanan, Yort

November 4 -25, 2023

Press Release

Esaes, Eyag, tan Kareenan

Whispers, Screams, and Calmness
Pangasinan is a developing province with a re-establishing culture. As Pangasinenses, we are in the
process of rediscovering our identity, which has been somewhat lost over the years due to the influence
of the developing world. Unfortunately, culture and the arts have often been neglected by the people in
the province. However, the province's artists are taking a proactive approach by immersing themselves
in the environment to seek and restore the lost identity.
Our goal is to establish a distinct identity that will define us and shape the future of the province. To
achieve this, we are exposing ourselves to various cultures, disciplines, and principles; striving to learn
and apply them to our own context. Despite the diverse range of artistic styles and interpretations, we
are collectively dedicated to using this diversity as the foundation of our vision for promoting the arts in
the province.

In the realm of the art scene, we are still in our infancy; with our voices being mere whispers in the ears
of a few. However, our passion for knowledge is fervent, and we eagerly embrace opportunities to learn
and reflect our lessons through our art, sometimes challenging established norms.
While this journey may seem arduous, we are fortunate to have the support and helping hands of one
another to propel us forward. Progress may be gradual, and we acknowledge the risks and occasional
setbacks, but we remain optimistic about the results. We are on the path to becoming a prominent
presence in the art scene, eagerly anticipating the day when we will create our own waves of success,
thus representing the province. We firmly believe that, as long as we remain steadfast and united, the
"sons and daughters of the sun" will shine brightly, harnessing the inherent power of strength.
Maksil kami ed pankakasakey mi!

Frenk Sison

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