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Finding Purpose

Kim Gaceja

April 1 - 29, 2023

Press Release

To Rise and Shine

In Kim Gaceja’s Finding Purpose, he delves into the reason for getting up every single day, taking inspiration from the words of Viktor Frankl, the renowned psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor. Frankl believed that meaning is instilled by an individual in the events of one’s life. He also stated that both work and suffering can direct one toward finding meaning, ultimately leading to fulfillment and happiness. One only needs to find meaning in small things to have a wonderful and meaningful life.

With his muted tones, distinct brushstrokes, and delicate lighting creating a sense of quiet introspection, Gaceja brings his audiences on a deeper journey of self- examination and reflection. He uses his paintings to create faithful renditions of intimate spaces—a fixture in any home, a piece of furniture we use from cradle to grave—one’s bed. The bed is often seen as a symbol of comfort and safety. It is
where we rest and recharge, where we let go of ego-driven projections of our public image. It signifies complete surrender, as we are most vulnerable when we are asleep. These days, however, the bed also serves as a sanctuary for people who have begun to fear each day, made so heavy by anxiety and doubts that they refuse to escape it. Courage and tenacity give power to those who face the realities and
urgencies of the need to get up and be in motion, given these crippling times. The artist gently prods us with a question and offers a space for rest, encouraging us to ponder on why we do our daily routines and the tiny gifts of the present that allow simple joys and fulfillment. In determining our personal raison d'être, do we see the beauty and meaning in the everyday? Gaceja uses his art to invite the viewer to share a contemplative moment: that pause between the awareness of awakeness and the momentum created by movement, like feet hitting the floor. He asks who we wake up for, what gives us strength to persist, and gives us surprising wonders that justify why we exist.

Kaye O’Yek

Kim Gaceja graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Advertising from the Technological University of the Philippines, Manila. Known for his dramatic paintings of simple interiors, he was one of the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence semifinalists in 2016, which is also the year he first joined group exhibitions at the GSIS Museum. Right after, he showed his works at Artery Artspace, Art Cube Gallery, Art Underground, Boston Gallery, Kaida Contemporary, Village Art Gallery, and Ysobel Art Gallery. He first experienced being part of Art Fair Philippines in 2018 through Mabini Projects, which was followed by participation in Kaida Contemporary’s lineup in 2020 and 2023. His recent works have also been shown in the Visayas Art Fair 2022 and the Xavier Arts Fest 2023. Finding Purpose is his second solo exhibition.

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