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Ciane Xavier

Janury 13, 2024 - February 3, 2024

Press Release


In the exhibition "Framed," I embrace the medium of oil painting, a discipline that harkens back to my foundational artistic roots. This transition, influenced by my current experience of pregnancy, represents a harmonious blend of life's creative forces with artistic expression. As an sculptor, this temporary shift to painting is not a deviation, but a reconnection with the primal elements of my artistic practice.

"Framed" is an exploration of womanhood, seen through my personal transformation and societal reflection. The artworks delve into female identity, maturity, and the intricate dance between personal evolution and external perception. It offers a spectrum of textures and depths that parallels with the complex
layers of the female experience.

The narrative of this exhibition extends beyond my personal journey, posing critical questions about the societal constructs surrounding women. It ask the viewer to reconsider preconceived notions about femininity, particularly in the contexts of motherhood and artistic creation. Through this body of work, I
seek to foster a dialogue on the recognition and understanding of women's multifaceted roles and contributions. "Framed" is a reflection of the profound journey of becoming a mother and an artist. Is an invitation to engage with the diverse realities of womanhood, underscoring the resilience, beauty, and
transformative power inherent in the female experience. This is my own personal transition but also resonates with the broader narrative of women's empowerment and identity.

Ciane Xavier

Ciane Xavier is a sculptor, painter and multimedia artist who utilizes cutting-edge 3D technology and 3D printing alongside photopolymer resins to craft her sculptures. Her unique approach includes incorporating 3D animations into her artwork. A native of a small town in the countryside of South Brazil, Ciane has always been drawn to exploring diverse cultures worldwide. This aspiration led her to pursue a career as a fashion model, fulfilling her dream of traveling to numerous countries and immersing herself in
different cultures.

Having lived in over 14 countries since her teenage years, Ciane's life experiences have deeply influenced her art, culminating in a profound exploration of selfhood and identity. Her work delves into the complex
interplay between technology and nature, as well as societal and cultural issues. Through her art, she offers a unique perspective on the world, reflecting her personal journey of identity loss and selfreconstruction.

Ciane's artistic journey began unexpectedly while she was residing in the Philippines, painting the walls of her new apartment. In a transformative moment, she discovered her inner artist, expressing herself freely without constraints, daydreaming about her life experiences and giving form to her deepest emotions. This revelation propelled her to fully embrace the path of art.

Since that pivotal moment, Ciane has dedicated herself to honing her skills as a painter and sculptor, experimenting with various materials and techniques to create innovative pieces. Her integration of 3D
technology and 3D printing has opened new avenues for artistic expression, allowing her to push the boundaries of what is achievable in the world of art.

By seamlessly blending her artistic vision with technological advancements, she has crafted captivating pieces that resonate with viewers on multiple levels.

As a self-taught visual and multimedia artist, Ciane's journey of learning and growth has been marked by discipline and dedication. Her thirst for knowledge and her drive to evolve have led her to delve into programming, atomization, and game development. She has skillfully used Virtual Reality experiences and spaces to explore her thoughts and creativity, enabling her to craft unique and immersive artistic encounters that defy conventional boundaries.

Ciane's artworks symbolize a potent blend of power, fragility, vulnerability, and eternity, inviting viewers to engage in a dialogue and question their assumptions. With deliberate vagueness, she encourages curiosity and introspection, allowing her audience to find their own meaning within her art. Through her work, Ciane strives to comprehend the intricacies of the human psyche in the modern world and prompts viewers to reflect on their own lives and experiences.

Her art is a testament to the potential of technology as a medium for conveying powerful messages and provoking thought. Ciane's commitment to pushing the limits of art and technology highlights the profound impact that self-motivated learning can have on one's creative journey.

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