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From Ash We Came

Julieanne Ng

May 4 - June 1, 2024

Press Release

From Ash We Came

To live and shine eternally like the sun is an aspiration for many, forgetting that even the stars at night have already passed. Vainglory is a theme that runs in countless stories of ruin. It births marvels and tragedies alike, and no exception was that of Daedalus– a highly ambitious craftsman and architect who was intoxicated by his own genius causing the downfall of his son, Icarus.

From Ash We Came reveals Julieanne Ng’s ruminations on this Greek tale that echoes a perilous facet of our nature as man. Unique for her meditative process and thoughtful application of punctured burns, Ng breathes to life a series of abstract iterations that mirror the pearl of wisdom embedded in the narrative. No matter its antiquated origin, the veracity resting within it about our finiteness reverberates, crawling and seeping through a universal thread that connects all of mankind.

The artist’s works pulsate with vibrant biomorphic patterns imprinted by her thumbprints, each a testament to individual uniqueness yet a reflection of our shared humanity. Amidst this harmony, angular forms disrupt the flow, creating gaps that speak to the interruptions and fractures within human experience. Ng makes sure to gather the ashes from her marks in fourteen vials as if to remind us that one’s acts ripple through the lives of others. Transgression leaves behind a trail of consequence.To extend this symbolism, it tells of the natural movement of the universe we inhabit to decay, rendering our efforts towards greatness ultimately futile. How, then, can man gaze upon the heavens and declare himself higher?

Certain stories endure through the epochs for the truths they divulge. In Ng's reflections, we find the myth of Daedalus echoing through the ages, a cautionary tale woven into the fabric of her art, inviting us to ponder the labyrinth of our own aspirations and the folly of thinking ourselves more majestic than the cosmic dance of existence.

J. Jose

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