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On the Ground, Across the Shadow

Jep Dizon

March 9 - 30, 2024

Press Release

On the Ground, Across the Shadow

Art Cube is delighted to unveil the eighth solo exhibition of Jep Dizon, aptly titled On the Ground, Across the Shadow. This showcase presents a collection of contemporary tableaus reminiscent of classical still life, pushing the boundaries of conventional representation. Dizon employs recognizable materials such as hollow blocks, iconic Dr. Martens' shoes, and a myriad of other objects, turning these seemingly mundane items into powerful vessels of meaning.

Dizon’s works transcend the mere depiction of surfaces, delving into the realms of interior worlds and symbolic phenomena. In the tradition of classical still lifes, the artist uses these everyday objects as a lens to examine human life and mortality. The choice of materials becomes a metaphor for the transient nature of existence, inviting viewers to contemplate the significance embedded in the ordinary.

Central to Dizon's exploration are figures shrouded in his signature sheer green cloth, casting an enigmatic aura over the compositions. This recurring motif introduces an element of mystery and anonymity, suggesting the artist’s fascination with the impossibility of fully revealing oneself to others. The lustrous fabric becomes a visual metaphor, hinting at the complex layers that cloak our inner selves.

Through the surreal juxtaposition of objects, Dizon’s works echo the philosophical and visual richness reminiscent of surrealist master René Magritte. Objects are imbued with new meanings through their placement, inviting viewers to decipher the intricate connections and narratives that unfold within each frame. The exhibition becomes a journey into the artist’s psyche, where reality and imagination intersect.

Dizon illuminates how an artist is, above all, an observer of life and its conditions, navigating the delicate balance between light and dark. His compositional process is a unique blend of artistic intuition and methodical organization, as he utilizes photography to arrange disparate objects before translating them onto canvas. Dizon captures the essence of his creative process in his own words: "I enjoy the process of playing with objects using photography before executing the work on canvas. I want to expand my style to create not only figures but to paint landscapes, still lifes, or objects that somehow mirror myself. It’s me across every shadow of my work.”

On the Ground, Across the Shadow is an invitation to explore the intricate tapestry of human existence, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and each brushstroke reveals a facet of the artist’s introspective journey. Jep Dizon’s solo exhibition testifies to the transformative power of art, where the observer is invited to peel back the layers of reality and embark on a visual and philosophical odyssey.

Carlomar Arcangel Daoana

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