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Kevin Vila & Denmark Dela Cruz

November 4 -25, 2023

Press Release


Knowing nothing can be better than thinking you know it all, a concept that some find liberating. There's
a certain purity in ignorance, reminiscent of the bliss we experienced as children when we simply
understood things through the lens of our senses. However, this kind of ignorance can also become a
tool for corruption in the hands of those with selfish motives. People and society can mold children to
serve their interests, creating the illusion of purity while ultimately tearing apart their dreams and

Childhood is the most crucial phase in a human's life. It's where we create an imaginative world, where
pain and emotions are translated into monsters and characters we can play with. It should be a carefree
time when the world is a vast playground, fostering curiosity and helping us learn about the true nature
of life and love. As children, we don't judge what we see; we simply play with it.

Sadly, this isn't always the case when we open our eyes. Children are often the most vulnerable in our
fast-paced world, preyed upon by the harsh realities that surround them. We neglect the value and
beauty of a child's innocence and forget that they are the future. While we often claim to think about
the world's future and its greatness, we frequently overlook this key aspect.

In the pursuit of creating a better world, we must ask ourselves: Who will heal these broken children?
Where can they turn when the world seems to be closing in on them? Is it still safe for young people to
nurture their curiosity? We already know the answers to these clichéd questions; we just need to
refocus on what truly matters. As we move forward, we should pave the way for them to comprehend
life through a positive lens. We should be attuned to their laughter, their tears, and their fears.

We should all believe in a better place, especially those of us who were once like them—damaged,
broken, and traumatized by the realities of life. We should be their healers, ready to offer guidance
when the path ahead seems bewildering to them.

Frenk Sison

Denmark Dela Cruz & Kevin Vila

Denmark Dela Cruz (b. 1990) is a contemporary artist in the Philippines who brilliantly encapsulates the hard-hitting reality of living in a dark society. Through his works, he courageously critiques the power and poverty inflicted on communities, as well as children who are often the unwitting victims of corruption, violence, and an unfair justice system.

Dela Cruz’s works depict the powerlessness, faithlessness, and hopelessness of those caught amid revolution, war, terrorism, or an unfair justice system. His art conveys the pain and destruction marginalized populations face, illustrating the violence, inequality, and trauma of the political climate while acknowledging the strength of the human spirit despite suffering and despair. At the root of Dela Cruz's oeuvre is a passionate desire to uplift the plight of vulnerable children victimized by human and governmental selfishness. He challenges the status quo through his art and offers a nuanced perspective on the world that is both socially conscious and thought-provoking. His works ultimately implore us to open our hearts and minds, and combat structural and repressive systems to ensure a better future for all.

Kevin Vila's works delve into metaphysics, ontology, and mythical fantasy, explaining the features of reality that exist beyond the physical world and our immediate senses. He also explores Philippine mythological stories and creatures, drawing parallels between their distinctive behaviors and human behavior, social problems, and present-day issues.

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