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The Things You Bury, The Things That Grow

Arvi Fetalvero

October 7 - 28, 2023

Press Release

The Things You Bury, The Things You Grow

Sometimes, you don’t always reap what you sow. This has been a recurring realization for the artist during the past years. Sometimes what grows out of the seeds is something one least expected —a great surprise or disappointing failure. Either way, despite the anxieties and the uncertainty of the outcome, all one can do is continue plowing, and hope for the best.

The artist tries to cope with this realization and contemplate her current conditions while she does her gardening — all the seemingly unrewarded or unnoticed efforts she has made while biding her time and keeping patient for the small possibility of something more in the future. She takes the time for quiet introspection as she finds affinity with her plants’ natural instinct to survive.

Arvi Fetalvero

Arvi Fetalvero

Arvi Fetalvero is a visual artist currently taking up her master’s degree in curatorial studies under the Art Studies program at the University of the Philippines - Diliman. As an artist and budding curator, her artistic inclinations run towards processed-based works and projects, as well as space-oriented installations, wherein she combines a range of mediums and techniques — from paintings in acrylic and oil, drawings in graphite, to sculptural objects using textile, beeswax, resin, and wood. They are reflections of her musings about space and the fluidity and rigidness of its boundaries — whether it be personal, physical, internal, or otherwise. She explores how one can activate a space to convey narratives, thoughts, and experiences.

Since her works are also very personal, she adopts the imagery of lace to signify her personhood and sense of being, by using it as a replacement for her skin, muscles, nerves, veins, and organs. The meditative process of manipulating, shaping, and rendering of lace, fabric, and thread with other organic objects, as both material and subject, allows her to mentally and emotionally stimulate and initiate personal therapy and self-healing. Through the delicate strength, openness, and see-through quality of lace, she asserts her presence and attempts to claim her space.

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