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Carlo Tanseco | Art Fair Philippines 2021
May 6 - 15, 2021


Carlo Tanseco is well-known in design circles as a maverick – a product and furniture designer frequently featured in CITEM, an architecture graduate, an entrepreneur connected with various businesses.  But he kept a secret passion that took him years to have the time and opportunity for.  This first solo painting exhibition by Carlo Tanseco explores pattern and order on the one hand, and liberation from patterns, and by extension, the prevailing social order or the limits we impose on ourselves, on the other.  This is his first painting exhibition; something that he took years to transition in to this medium, is his personal expression of breaking free from his usual forms of expression and creativity to pursue this passion which started since childhood.


Several series comprise this solo exhibition by Tanseco.  A series on heroes both national and artistic, mythological figures, and a portrait, that are visually tied together by a graphic rendition of pattern and symmetry comprise the show. Knowledgeable and witty, the images he produces show the hallmarks of an artist confident and in an advanced state of development.  Conceptually, they are all of idealizations – myth, nation, hero, icon – which presage the trajectory of this artist, whose initial foray shows a mark of matured visual identity, ripe for a full artistic career in the visual arts. 


-Ricky Francisco

Press Release

“I love pattern, order, and symmetry. This exhibit is all about depicting order and then breaking that order, so that a new figure or realm emerges and opposes it. It is about uniformity and consistency yielding to something that is free, defiant, and unique. It is about ideas that challenge the system.”


– Carlo Tanseco

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