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August 21 - September 11, 2021


Kobusher, an artist born in 1972, is a graduate of Fine Arts with a major in Painting at the University of the Philippines. His first love was painting but most of his career was spent in the advertising industry.  He considers himself a late bloomer in the Manila art scene. 

He worked as a creative director in one of the Philippines' top agencies and felt that everything he has ever done for his career was supportive of another person’s business or growth. Today, he is now dedicated to focus on his own path. He looks at his deep dive into art as his new budding career. 


He is known for his contemporary style and the use of deconstructed cartoon icons. He is keen on putting an exciting, fresh twist to iconic cartoon characters and he is obsessed with clean lines and colors. Kobusher’s everyday mindset is “Life is short, don’t suck”, for him, his art process is somewhat boring. He gets up from bed and starts working while managing to spare some time for his personal life to keep him sane and grounded.


Kobusher used most of his favorite female cartoon characters, that most of us loved during our childhood. HEROINE is a way for him to pay homage to the women that touched and changed our lives. He is inspired by the same women that are close to our hearts; our mothers, sisters, the one beside you right now, the femme fatale, the vamp, the one that got away, the cool chick, the plain janes, man-eaters, divas, and queens among many others. 

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