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November 13 - December 04, 2021


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In these present-day artistic times, it is with no doubt that Pongbayog is one of the sought after contemporary artists in the country. Pongbayog plays with the balance of lights, shadows, and angles-- creating highly detailed and monochromatic paintings.

Much inspired and as an artist himself, Pongbayog attempts to pay tribute to legendary personalities in the art industry by bravely highlighting them in these hyper-realistic works for his 5th solo exhibit. We see a famous artist that is best known for his large-scale photo-realist portraits and noted for his highly inventive techniques in painting human faces, Chuck Close in Pongbayog’s “Chuck”.


Additionally, we are to give praise to Georgia O’Keeffe who is one of most influential figures in modernism and large-format paintings of natural forms such as flowers and bones in Pongbayog’s featured work, “O’Keefee - Ram’s Head” and “Georgia’s

From the Faraway Nearby”. As it takes one to know one-- with imagination and artistry, it is not impossible that in no time, Pongbayog will be among these legendary people in the art world.



Pongbayog (B.1982) is known for his highly detailed and monochromatic paintings. With the balance of lights, shadows, and angle, Pongbayog creates hyper-realistic works. 


For his 5th solo exhibition, Pongbayog focuses on the portrait of an artist that became a legend in the art industry and also including artists that are renowned for their works and contributions in the industry. Pongbayog made use of artworks that are well recognized by the people.

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