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Caloy Gernale, Christopher Zamora, Mervin Pimentel, Luigi Almuena

14 November 2020


The word "justice" in the Philippines has been more of a mere concept wherein whoever is in charge won’t really offer right decisions but push our people to endure with insufferable bureaucratic processes and delays that could stretch for decades. Meanwhile, thousands languish in dire conditions; and what if someone tells you of a grand plan to fix it, and the solution is as simple as an advice to any human being with common sense. Although, it won’t be an easy fix – some opt to spread awareness through their craft, in Art.


The Lockdown Group Show is a compilation of works created by artists Caloy Gernale, Mervin Pimentel, Luigi Almuena and Christopher Zamora. The works were gathered throughout the declaration of the lockdown in the Philippines. The show highlights the deprivation of Justice that is noticeable even more so during these trying times. In Lockdown, the works can be seen with wit and double entendre. This mirrors the vast concepts of how deprivation in various aspects are present within the society, the community and more especially, as humans with our own rights.

Lockdown disposes the attention of the audience toward the purpose of sharing the diverse realities that became present during the hardships of Filipinos in the covid-19 year. The question present in our minds of whether we still have hope for the last bit of justice we can receive from our rulers or do we just live life as it is and stretch ourselves to perceive what we can now witness. As artists with a voice turned to action, they allow to be drenched in the rain, they dance with their work, they speak what they observe and they tread hard no matter how difficult the injustices can get as long as they have their voices be heard.

- Jade Gebaña

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