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Marrie Saplad
August 21 - September 11, 2021


Rose Marrie Saplad was born in 1984 and is a wife to fellow visual artist Florante “Pongbayog” Paghari-on. In each of the pieces in her works, she features everyday objects in monochrome. Since her conception of her first sculpture series The Glass series, she has evolved into other concepts like the hanky series and the tea bag series.


Her first work was created back in 2017 where she showed transparent glass bottles on white surfaces and linen. She painted on the glass because she wanted to show the different reflections that produce different forms which she finds inspirational.


Marrie says that she specifically used the milk and tea as a subject because it complements the idea she wants to express along with her favorite subject, the glass. She wants to explore the play of light and dark in opaque and transparent matter. The boldness of the color white in milk and tea bags is striking whether in a light or dark background.


Milk and Tea represents the meaning of the words transparent, innocent and meditate. The transparency of the glass reflects a character of being seen through the insides. On the other hand, when thinking of milk, she sees a child ‘s innocence and pureness. It is evident that their intentions are pure at heart. Lastly, when you envision Tea it is something to think about, something that you look forward to like an event in the future or an occasion.

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