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September 18 - October 09, 2021

To refresh and to relax— that is Isko Andrade’s goal as he produced his “SoLace” masterpieces. While he is known for creating dark and deep artworks as previously seen in “Smoldering Refuge” and “Pamilya”, Andrade decided to take on another technique by using whites and light hues of blue and red on this exhibit.


Andrade shares that we are in a time where a lot is happening in our surroundings and it takes effect in our personal emotional turmoil. While he himself personally used these artworks to get away from all the stress and exhaustion in life, Andrade’s collection which includes the pieces called: Serenity, Silence, Peace, Calmness, and Comfort— are intended to also provide an escape for his audience and that as they look at his works, they will experience peace and relaxation.


With the use of white laces as his subject, Andrade associates this with new beginnings, as the object is often used in special occasions like weddings and christenings. The subtle touch of blue signifies sunrise, while red signifies sunset—Andrade believes that even though some things are not okay right now, there will always be a tomorrow and that there will come a time when things will fall into the right places eventually.


Indeed, where there is peace of mind, there is hope. We may sometimes feel so much emotional and physical exhaustion that it prompts us to give up on things easily but really, all we need to do is to stop for a minute and take time to rest in order for us to feel calm and be prepared to face whatever life throws at us.


- GPH   

Francis Eugene E. Andrade or also known as Isko Andrade, born in 1996, is a young artist based in Bulacan. He is a graduate of fine arts Major in Visual Communication in Bulacan State University.

Andrade has been known for sharing his stories through his artworks, resulting in pieces that evoke a sense of nostalgia. He received several awards and citations such as Shell National Student Art Competition and Metrobank Art Design Excellence Competition.

Isko shared that last year there were a lot of things going on in his personal life and in his environment that made him stressed and exhausted. He felt that he could no longer focus on the things that he really wanted to do. He believes that aside from him, a lot of people feel the same way and need a space to relax. That is why he created “SoLace” as a form of help to anyone looking for that peaceful feeling. He hopes that when people see his work it will give them a sense of comfort, calmness and relaxation.

Compared to his previous works that are usually dark and deep, he wanted to play with lights in his upcoming exhibit. He used blue as a representation of the sunrise and red for the sunset. Andrade used lace as a subject to highlight solace. White lace has multiple symbolisms but for him lace represents a new beginning, often used in important occasions like christening, weddings, first communion and the like.

Andrade believes that small things are what makes life beautiful and that we might not be okay today but in time, everything will fall into its place.

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