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September 18 - October 09, 2021

Intrigued by the real essence of humanism, transhumanism, and life in general, Ciane Xavier gets to the bottom of her own life experiences and deep personal emotions to explore and share her perception on human truths. 

As we live in the world where there are limitations and boundaries, we see in her “Carrying the Weight” and “Dragging Away” sculptures a story that tells the fragility and vulnerability of our being. That as humans, we have flaws and imperfections that lead us to self-discovery. 

Her works such as “Study 2” on canvas, “Study 4 of a Mother” on paper, and “Reflection” sculpture allows us to think about self-discovery. While we continue to explore our physicality, we also come to appreciate ourselves and the potential we hold as a person. 
Moreover, Xavier captured the revelation of human existence by using characters to signify power and how it enables to feed one’s soul as seen in “Study 5” on paper and “Mother” sculpture. 

Transhumanism is reflected in the artwork “We” on canvas and “Together” sculpture which portrays the interlinking of two worlds—of technology and reality. Machineries persist to advance, and so is the tangible world with all of its people. We witness the progression of the co-existing worlds and we continue to learn how to adapt into it. 

With all of our human questions, Xavier’s Connecting and Disconnecting exhibit is her way of prompting a conversation among her audience about what it really means to exist and live in the current world. She keeps her work vague and open to interpretation because there is no absolute answer to all of our questions and doubts. Indeed, life is an everyday discovery of our purpose and boundaries. 


- GPH   

Ciane Xavier is from a small town in the South of Brazil. Since her teenage years, she has lived in more than 14 countries, which helped shape much of what she is today. Her first passion was to explore the immense diversity of cultures around the world during her stint as a fashion model.

Ciane discovered her inner artist while she was doodling the walls of her new apartment in the Philippines. She drew freely without any hesitations, daydreaming about her life experiences and materializing her deep personal emotions.

She realized that her soul was the real artist and her hands were the bridge between the two different worlds. Following her childhood passion of drawing and emerging herself into the art scene was a huge turning point in her life.

Since then, she has taught herself how to paint and sculpt, learning about how to work with various materials and integrating them into her work. Through Pop Culture, Ciane explores the boundaries of today's society by touching upon globalization and the distractions of the millennial Era. Her characters serve as an exploration of the human soul, symbolizing power, fragility, vulnerability and eternity while retaining a sense of vagueness to encourage dialogue and question the thoughts of the viewer.

Connecting and disconnecting is a solo exhibit by Ciane Xavier about humanism and transhumanism. It shows the blending of machines with the biology of humans. The exhibit talks about the importance of human life with the nature of caring deeply about things that directly impact one’s self.

Ciane believes that before we learn to be post-human or transhuman we need to learn to be human.

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