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The Grey Area

Ben Albino

December 03 - December 27, 2022

Press Release

The Grey Area

People tend to want simple, rigid, black-and-white rules to run their life and others’ lives. We gravitate towards simple explanations and are prepared to disregard a great deal of information. Nearly nothing in this world is truly black and white. This applies to politics, ethics, religion, and anything people could have a debate about. In this increasingly complex world, people often attempt to simplify issues by claiming that there is one right decision and one wrong one, but it is very rarely this simple.

It’s a visible phenomenon in politics where people want everything on their side to be regarded as good and everything on the opposing side as bad. Some feel so strongly about their opinion that they forget what it is: an opinion, shaped by their specific life experiences. The difference between fact and opinion seems obvious, but many people appear to forget that these aren't synonymous when talking about controversial issues that involve a bigger audience. One’s personal views are not necessarily the correct views.

No matter where one goes or what one says, there are people who will disagree with what one believes in. All of these different "belief gradients," if you will, are what makes this world so interesting. They're part of what makes humans so diverse, and they also open our minds to more unique perspectives that may not have been considered before. Our opinions should not be restricted to society's clearly defined boxes. We, as humans, should explore the infinite number of shades of grey in between all of the black and white.

-Ben Albino

Ben Albino (b.1991)

Ben Albino is a Filipino artist from Pangasinan, Philippines. He is known for his surrealist representation of images that reflect on history, culture, and current social issues. He fills his canvas with symbolisms and characters that create a dream-like spectacle.

Albino undergoes several Residency programs such as Tuklas Mentoring, Mentoring, Canvas Gallery Residency, Linangan Residency, and Eskinita Art farm. He also joined several art competitions in the Philippines, one of which was the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence where he placed as a semi-finalist for several years from 2014 to 2022.

For his upcoming exhibit- "The Grey Area". Albino explains that people tend to gravitate towards rigid, Black-and-white experiences but for him, nearly nothing in this world is truly black and white. Our opinions should not be restricted to society's clearly defined boxes and we should explore the infinite shades of grey in between black and white.

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