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Dreaming Daydreams

Jotyl Jan Bermudez

April 6 -27, 2024

Press Release

A Permission to Revel in Reverie

In Dreaming Daydreams, Jotyl Jan Bermudez's 8th solo exhibition, the artist's tableau-like oil paintings invite us to explore a world where reality and fantasy intertwine. Boundaries between the real world and imagination blur in a captivating dance of combined figures and objects, reminding us that daydreaming has become a rare luxury in our daily lives.

Bermudez's figures are arranged on canvas like actors on a grand stage. Overture sets the scene with performers embodying the relentless spirit of our times, where the demand for more is constant and the roles we play often require us to give beyond our limits. After all, the show must go on despite exhaustion. It's a poignant reminder that, in the fast-paced rhythm of humanity, we are often required to give more than we think we can.

Places Everyone expands the cast, presenting a larger ensemble of characters to the public, showcasing the intricate dance of normalcy and absurdity in everyday life. Bermudez delves into the lives of ordinary people performing their everyday roles while drawing inspiration from the twisted complexities of Shakespearean plays. It signals the start of the show, everything in its place in the artist's life, and a world where each person plays a part.

My Side of the Wall turns our gaze to the dynamics of neighbors, revealing the complexities of human relationships and highlighting the nuances of connection and disconnection within close-knit communities. The artist challenges us to consider our roles in shaping our shared environments. We never know when dramas are unfolding behind closed doors or if secrets are whispered in hushed tones.

Along with his larger oil paintings, Bermudez displays smaller, framed graphite sketches that demonstrate his ability to reproduce precise details and surfaces. These drawings, like whispers of dreams, add depth and nuance to the narrative, enhancing the viewer's connection to the themes explored in the exhibition.

Dreaming Daydreams continues to provide subtle social commentary with a touch of humor that Bermudez is known for, inviting audiences to find pieces of themselves mirrored in the figures on canvas. The juxtaposition of classical themes with contemporary fashion and perspectives adds depth and richness to the narrative. At the same time, the artist's undeniable skill in rendering fine details and surfaces captivates the eye. He renders figures with animal heads like in ancient Egyptian religion or uses objects that people are already familiar with, allowing his pieces to speak in a way that everyone understands. In a way, the artist is holding our hand, leading us to take a breather and lose ourselves in the fabricated illusions we need to escape, so we can immediately go back and get into the roles we need to play again—this time with more passion, more energy, and more footwork.

Kaye O'Yek

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