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Where is Home? | January


Proceso Gelladuga

As Filipinos seek greener pastures and opportunities abroad to provide for their families, a Negros Occidental-born contemporary artist living and working overseas longs for his native land. In his recent exhibition, Where is Home?, Proceso Gelladuga II dissects the transportability of sanctuary and living in transience.

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Shake Rattle & Roll| February


Pablo Constante Zingapan

 "Shake, Rattle, and Roll', the third solo exhibition of Pablo Constante Zingapan, highlights the supernatural, the Filipino mythical creatures, and superstitious beliefs. Heavily influenced by watching horror movies and reading horror stories, this paved the way for the artist to create these masterpieces. Pablo used old pictures, triggering nostalgia and an eerie feel to it. 

A Seat at the Table Poster.jpg

A Seat At The Table | January


Curated by Renato Habulan

In times of great difficulty, art has always been a balm to anxiety-filled days and nights, helping artists transform nervous energy into creative production, and a vent for silent, creeping panic. We are still under the clutches of strict restrictions in mobility due to the global health crisis, and are made aware everyday of differences in economic standing with the challenges brought about by seeking appropriate health care and in some households, a pronounced decrease in income.

E-mentoring Poster.jpg

E-Mentoring 2022 | January


Curated by Renato Habulan

The current state of our society induces a considerable amount of fear, anxiety, and concern among all groups of social classes—as it is a human, economic, and social crisis.

At the height of the current COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions such as quarantine lockdowns were implemented globally.  The closure of local businesses,  educational institutions, cultural venues and entertainment facilities were part of an attempt to contain the spread of the virus.

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Turn,turn,turn | February


Nina Garibay

In Turn, Turn, Turn, Nina Garibay presents paintings created from her collage-based practice of composing and piecing together images from fashion photoshoots in order to ponder and critique our relationship with fashion. Informed by her background in advertising, she notes how insecurity is preyed upon by the industry in order to turn out a profit. Characterized by her sharply cut yet smoothly blended figures, she utilizes the various captivating details of garments and transposes them onto silhouettes of unrecognizable models.


Exploration Imperfect Circles | March



As 0270501 is based from the representation of modern Manila, the society mirrors the survival of creativity. In the days of celebrity in art where the artistʼs lifestyle becomes a motif, an extension of the artwork itself, 0270501 cultivates an aura of secrecy further exploring the notions of obscurity the world and the internet landscape provided. The secrecy becomes an ironic state of affairs given their total absence from the scene – perhaps suggesting a more realistic representation and connection both to the art and artist.


Recent Works | March 

Mccoy Lazaruz & Don Bryan Bunag

Now sharing the same space of the gallery, the works of Bunag and Lazaruz prove that effects in painting may be achieved through the powerful singularity of an image. Opening a portal, the visual narrative of the works continues and unspools in the viewer’s mind, triggering scenarios, evoking emotions. Such an approach is a welcome addition to the art scene that has the penchant for the layered, the cluttered, the deliberately complex. By drawing from intimate and fictive histories, the artists give way for the unsaid to unfold and inhabit the paintings, such as the grandeur of a meteorological phenomenon in Bunag’s works or the eerie resonance of Lazaruz’s figuration.

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DUALITY | March 

Dondon Jeresano & Arnica Acantilado

Duality, expressed through the highly descriptive figurations of Acantillado and Jeresano, underscores that what we perceive as a split in man is simply separation from nature. Despite the tall, shimmering structures we have built as fortress from the rest of creation, we cannot abandon our natural origin. Otherwise, our bodies will remind us the disconnection: the illnesses that plague the flesh and the mind. Acantillado’s paintings state that will always have a place in nature and, like a prodigal son, we will be welcomed to partake its nourishments. The works of Jeresano call us to have a sense of urgency to care for the planet that’s heating up in a pace not seen in history. Nature’s suffering will bring about our own demise.


Doubting Years | May 

Roedil Joe Geraldo

Doubting Years has an immediate, oracular quality that seizes the viewer—a force of description and symbolism possessed only by those who unblinkingly confront reality and its awful truths. Despite the uncertainty implicit in these works and underscored by the exhibition’s title, a sense of persistence—if not resilience—imbues the paintings with their metaphorical urgency, their vivid and livid colors, and their figures still unyielding in the face of the insurmountable odds. Geraldo makes the case for painting as a vehicle in which the necessary act of truth-telling may commence.

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WILD | May

Mars Bugaoan

It is said that memory is sometimes kept in sensorial containments, like a particular odor that reminds you of elementary school lunches, or a certain musical genre that brings back the old days. Sky blue, orange, yellow, green, pink - each color is akin to a specific energy from that period in time. Furthering his implasto series of works - a clever take on the plastic quality of paint by using plastic as if it were actual thick daubs - each has a dominant color that harks back to a certain point in the artist’s life.

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RetroDecade | June

Julio Jose Austria

"RetroDecade" is a timely exposition that demonstrates the possibility of bringing diversity into conceptual and diasporic discourses while also challenging differences between multiple worldviews. It confronts the artist’s cross-cultural experiences and difficulty establishing identity in the constant  shift between domains.

Austria's body of work primes his canvases with meaning, struggles, and sentiments – which appear as an intimate, unfinished conversation between his assemblages of experiences from living in the United States of America over the years.

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Shelter From The Storm | June

Janice Young

Stylistically, these paintings expand the boundaries of Janice Liuson-Young’s own abstract expressionist approaches. There are a number of technique changes from her previous offerings, including the use of new paints and materials. The artist’s colors and lines are bolder and more fluid, achieving a deceptively effortless balance of purpose and spontaneity. Still, the works continue to be marked by the dazzling artistry that has characterized many of Liuson-Young’s past works.

Happy Ending - Poster.jpg

Happy Ending | June

Carig - Rovero - Laureano - Ambas

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ANINO | June

Max Balatbat

In his latest exhibition, Anino, Max Balatbat presents his starkest, most intense works to date: a suite of monochromatic paintings and assemblages that expresses and embodies the mood, emotion, and interiority of the last two years plunged into the terror and uncertainty of the pandemic. They constitute what the artist considers as a visual diary chronicling the times when everyone was quarantining in their own homes, terrified of a virus of which little was known, dragging artificial shadows on sunless floors.

Demetrio  Dela Cruz Poster 8.jpg

Hanging On... | July


In Hanging On, his fresh iteration of appropriating the works of National Artists, Demetrio Dela Cruz pushes the envelope further. Rather than representing the iconic paintings magisterially spread out across a frame, the artist allows us to perceive them in their unstretched glory, draped onto an edge, folded and pleated at places. In some works, streaks of paint run across them, as if someone, possibly in a fit of envy, has desecrated them, as is usually the case with some of the most iconic paintings that, at some point in their history, suffered from the hands of vandals.  

Jay Bermudez poster 9.jpg

Redefining Ideas | July

Jotyl Jan Bermudez

In Redefining Ideas, Bermudez presents the contradictions between the past (as we know it from history books as well as how we imagine it) and the present, with all the ease and conveniences it affords. Our dreams evolve based on our environment but, as these works affirm, they still come from a primeval, powerful sense of wanting to shape our identity with which other people will perceive us. Old ideas, such as traditional gender roles, die. New ones, such as our technological dependence, emerge. Ultimately, it is all about “redefining ideas” so the world we live in may be more consonant with our sense of freedom and happiness.

BANAAG Michael Villagante 2.jpg


Michael Villagante

Banaag. is Villagante’s third exhibition at the Art Cube Gallery. chronicles the framed prequel scenarios leading up to Pagtahan as Villagante creatively forays the padayon spirit that beamed and won for him in Florence.In Banaag, evident in ten paintings, is how Villagante has staked the impending mortality of our lives and through his art how to find that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

His inspiring message confidently armed him connoting to overcome further difficulties that constantly challenged his journey to this Italian city famous for its Renaissance art, architecture, and monuments.