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Ciane Xacier poster 12.jpg

Framed | January

Ciane Xavier

In the exhibition "Framed," I embrace the medium of oil painting, a discipline that harkens back to my foundational artistic roots. This transition, influenced by my current experience of pregnancy, represents a harmonious blend of life's creative forces with artistic expression. As an sculptor, this temporary shift to painting is not a deviation, but a reconnection with the primal elements of my artistic practice.

Revised poster- Xian Lim 11.jpg

Daffodils & Dandelions | January


Xian Lim


Paradiso + Inferno | January

Group Show

Jason Montinola brings a unique perspective to the exhibition space through his exploration of the themes of Paradise and Hell. His background, deeply rooted in a rich tapestry of literary influences and personal spiritual experiences informs his approach in the curation of the works in this show.

Elmer Borlongan afp poster (2) 11.jpg

Hanap/Buhay | February


Elmer Borlongan

In his latest exhibition, Hanap/Buhay, Elmer Borlongan masterfully captures the essence of honest labor, paying homage to those who toil closest to nature, the very source of our sustenance. The seven works act as individual or group depictions of workers in various trades, celebrating the dignity inherent in the daily lives of those who, though unsung, tirelessly put food on our plates, despite the threats of globalization and shifting socio-political terrains.


Plet Bolipata square poster.jpg

Imaginary Playmates | February

Plet Bolipata

Imaginary Playmates signifies Plet Bolipata’s return to her first love—painting. Having previously explored various sculptural media and other forms artistic expression, the artist’s latest worksweave together strands of interrelated narratives delving into the complexity of artistic influence, the small and large experiences that inform biography, and the interiority of a woman who, having found her voice in the world early on, has always spoken from the truth of her being.

Rafael la Madrid poster final 1.jpg

Paths, Found Rocks, and Moss | March


Rafael La Madrid

Paths, Found Rocks, and Moss by Rafael La Madrid invites us on a journey through the unforeseen interplay of nature and its elements. With a piece of rock, the artist realized how mysterious life truly is. One of the models for his lifelike oil paintings is a mossy, craggy rock with just the tiniest bit of green leaves sprouting. A wonderful story to tell behind the image is that the central object within started dry and smooth, yet curiosity and the artist’s restless spirit compelled him to water the rock every day, not knowing what to expect. Surprisingly, after a few months of doing this repetitive activity, life sprouted. Through his masterful strokes in rendering this moment in oil, La Madrid shows his viewers the intricate connections between life, renewal, and the inherent beauty in both the organic and inanimate.

JC Sicam Poster 5.jpg

Kapirasong Paraiso | April

JC Sicam

Searching for signs and signposts in his pursuit of a promised paradise, JC Sicam delves into the realms of Faith and fate seeking illumination from the sacred to the profane in his latest solo exhibition entitled Kapirasong Paraiso.

Still Standing Firm by Sigahum Artist Group.png

Still Standing Firm | February


Group Show 

Still Standing Firm marks SIGAHUM’s 4th group exhibit, paying homage to their creative roots and ongoing journey toward artistic maturity. This creative odyssey has led the members of the Iloilo-based artist group from shared local beginnings to diverse cosmopolitan platforms and individual life paths. Leveraging their background in architecture, the exhibit features an installation where stretched canvases and wooden panels serve as pillars, arranged back-to-back in the gallery space. These pillars, beyond their structural role, symbolize the creative, social, and motivational strength inherent in artist communities. Each pillar stands as a testament to the power of diversity fortifying the collective aesthetic.

On the Groud, Across the Shadow - Jep Dizon.jpg

On The Ground, Across The Shadow | March

Jep Dizon

Art Cube is delighted to unveil the eighth solo exhibition of Jep Dizon, aptly titled On the Ground, Across the Shadow. This showcase presents a collection of contemporary tableaus reminiscent of classical still life, pushing the boundaries of conventional representation. Dizon employs recognizable materials such as hollow blocks, iconic Dr. Martens' shoes, and a myriad of other objects, turning these seemingly mundane items into powerful vessels of meaning.

Rando poster 8.jpg

Tending Fires During an Eclipse | April

Rando Onia & Iya Regalado

Tending Fires During an Eclipse brings together for the first time the artistic visions of Rando Onia and Iya Regalario, notable for their mastery of the pyrographic pen as medium. This exhibition intersects with the momentous occurrence of The Great American Eclipse on April 8th, offering an interpretation on the relationship—and contradiction—between darkness and light, as symbolized by the celestial bodies of the sun and the moon.

Fairest of the seasons_Nina_exhibit poster.jpg

Fairest of the Seasons | February

Nina Garibay

In the relentless and isolating complexity of contemporary life, Nina Garibay, like many of her millennial and younger counterparts, has navigated her way through self-crafted coping mechanisms to endure the fast-paced challenges of existence. Finding solace and a momentary escape in her creative process—meticulously cutting and pasting magazine pages into sanitized compositions—she appropriates the illusions of glamour to distill a sense of peace of mind.


Pinggot Zulueta poster 5.jpg

Obskura | March


Pinggot Zulueta

Obskvra is the fifth in a series of artworks by Pinggot Zulueta, which focuses on the existentiality of the human condition, his philosophical contemplations, and our infinite potential for survival. In 2016, his exhibition ‘Incepto’ had provided entry into the sublime thoughts of the artist’s soul. A year later, in ‘Ka.thar.sis’, his thoughtful reflection on alienation and solitude within unfamiliar environments was the central theme. In 2020, ‘Melankolia’ delved on understanding the inner self to achieve a sense of connection and harmony with one’s past. In 2022, ‘Infinitum’ accentuated an intense awareness of mortality, while urging viewers to make deliberate choices on what is truly important.


Rueda | April

Mark Laza

Ayon sa eksibisyon ni Mark Laza

Paikutin ang ruleta
Na nakatunghay ang mata sa iyo
At ituturo ang mga posibilidad
Ng uniberso.

Tatlong tanong
Ang magdidistrongka
Ng pinto ng kamalayan:
Sino, Alin, Paano,

Jotyl poster 4.jpg

Dreaming Daydreams | April

Jotyl Jan Bermudez

In Dreaming Daydreams, Jotyl Jan Bermudez's 8th solo exhibition, the artist's tableau-like oil paintings invite us to explore a world where reality and fantasy intertwine. Boundaries between the real world and imagination blur in a captivating dance of combined figures and objects, reminding us that daydreaming has become a rare luxury in our daily lives


Static & Silent | May

Jaime Pacecna II

The exhibition "Static and Silent" presents the latest series by artist Jaime Pacena II, an exploration of stillness and observation in monochromatic form.

"Static" represents a pause, a temporary cessation amid life's constant motion. In contrast, "Silent" prompts reflection on the complexities of human cognition and interpretation amidst the backdrop of daily life. Through this quiet dialogue, Pacena navigates emotions and perceptions, encapsulating aspects of human consciousness.

Julius Redillas poster 3.png

Word on the Street | May

Julius Redillas

Word on the street whispers of the return of Julius Redillas’ sinewy enigmatic figures.

In this latest collection, Redillas draws inspiration from the myriad details of everyday life that surround him. Within the sanctuary of his own home, the figures of the Virgin Mary and Sto. Niño stand as silent witnesses. These divine icons seamlessly transition from his personal space to his canvases, held by his iconic crimson character in stark white attire.


Julieanne Ng poster final.jpg

From Ash We Came | May

Julieanne Ng

To live and shine eternally like the sun is an aspiration for many, forgetting that even the stars at night have already passed. Vainglory is a theme that runs in countless stories of ruin. It births marvels and tragedies alike, and no exception was that of Daedalus– a highly ambitious craftsman and architect who was intoxicated by his own genius causing the downfall of his son, Icarus.

Froilan Calayag, 2024 - DIVINE TIMING.png

Divine Timing | June

Froilan Calayag

In his first solo exhibition for Art Cube, Froilan Calayag unveils a spellbinding collection that showcases his distinctive style and figuration, which blends surrealism, fables, and personal mythology. Titled Divine Timing, the exhibition explores the concept of moments when everything aligns perfectly, creating a sense of inevitability and divine orchestration.


Canned Thoughts | May

Carlo Tanseco

Across the neighborhoods of the Philippine archipelago, from the tiniest shanty to the grandest mansion, canned goods stand as ubiquitous symbols of sustenance and familiarity. They line the shelves of sari-sari stores and supermarkets alike, bridging socio-economic divides. Among those about to live or work abroad, they carry these items in suitcases as they serve as steadfast reminders of home.

Neil Pasilan, 2024 - KOLEKSYON.png

Koleksyon | June

Neil Pasilan

Koleksyon shares with us Neil Pasilan’s personal compilation of his own works; an anthology of stories in the fringe of his grand narrative. Much like objects in a museum, they are likewise preserved, cared for, and revered. They represent fragments of his imagination and forms of expression. The pieces are remnants of pursued visions and completed endings since they were made of leftover paint and used palettes. We find meaning in the materiality beyond what was prescribed, complemented by the artist’s confidence in the dynamic behavior of color.


Mark Andy Garcia, 2024 - Alive Inside.png

Alive Inside | June

Mark Andy Garcia

In his latest exhibition, Alive Inside, Mark Andy Garcia invites viewers to explore the resonance between the external world and internal states of being. This series of six paintings, each measuring 4 by 4 feet, encapsulates the essence of human emotions and psychological rhythms as mirrored by the natural environment. Garcia’s choice of title, Alive Inside, reflects his intention to bridge the gap between the viewer’s internal experiences and the external world’s cyclical and ever-changing nature.

Lindsey Lee, 2024 - YOUR MOUTH HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN.png

Your Mouth Has A Mind Of Its Own | June


"Your Mouth has a Mind of Its Own" is an exhibition that explores the intricate layers of Filipino mentality, ideology, belief, culture, and tradition. Through this body of work, I aim to reveal the pervasive influence of superstitious beliefs and religion on the collective psyche. My intention is to illustrate how these elements often precede rational thought, leading to instinctual, sometimes detrimental, responses.


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