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Open Trench | January


Geovanni Abing

In his solo exhibition, Open Trench, Geovanni Abing amplifies how this notion of warfare has permeated our day-to-day lives, from events of great importance to affairs of minimal consequence so long as opposing forces meet and collide. Using a striking visual imagery that is a remix of a variety of elements—art history, video games, military hardware—Abing exposes conflicts of varying scale, “even personal conflicts and struggles.” What he presents are his collaged visions of  “the aftermath of conflicts,” redolent with images of ruin, collapse, and devastation.


Square Meters | February


Jonathan Joven

Jonathan Joven has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Studio Arts (Painting) degree from the University of the Philippines. A consistent contest winner, he took the first place prize in a painting competition held by the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Republic of the Philippines and second place in the 67th Art Association of the Philippines On-the- Spot Painting Competition in 2014.

Christian Culangan and Kim Gaceja April

Alaala | April


Christian Culangan | Kim Gaceja

   Culangan is a Fine Arts graduate majoring in Advertising at the Technological University of the Philippines. His determination has led him to join multiple art competitions and has successfully achieved recognition each time. He was a semi-finalist in the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence Competition (MADE) for consecutive years and a 2nd place title holder at the Shell National Student Art Competition (NSAC); these experiences further evoked him to continue developing his craft.

   Kim Gaceja is a graduate of the Technological University of the Philippines with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Advertising. His passion is driven by his inspirations. He considers art as a practice where he feels free and accepted. For Gaceja, art is a space where he feels less conscious of what others think for in his works, the main focus is solely his mind and the feelings of belonging.


God Bless Our Home | January


Dondon Jeresano

In his body of work, Ronald “Dondon” Jeresano has been positioning the familiar shanties of the city within the privileged spaces of art and civic institutions as a way to highlight, converse about, and critique their contradictions. This unnerving juxtaposition (“unnerving” because images of poverty so casually co-exist in such hallowed spaces) is once again the governing theme in his latest solo exhibition, God Bless Our Home.



Dust | January


Nix Puno

2020 saw me learning that charcoal on paper is fragile (more so than graphite). It just sits there loosely, not really binding to the paper. It literally can be swept by the wind. The year also saw how fragile our lives are, as well as the things we often hold on to. A lot of the things we were used to in our lives - some things and places - literally gathered dust because of the pandemic.


Disparatis | February


Nick Navarro

Navarro has been present in the art scene since the year 2015. He was a finalist at the 44th Shell National Students Art Competition. Since then, he’s been part of several group shows around Luzon. This has then become a good stepping stone for the artist. Just last year, he finally mounted his first solo exhibition


Noon | February


Azor Pazcoguin

Since then Azor has been part of numerous exhibits. Being a much-sought after artist, Pazcoguin has been featured at BenCab Museum’s annual RE:VIEW for four consecutive years since 2015, and at ManilArt’s Arte Pintura Gallery since 2010. He was also included in the exhibit “New Artist + New Works = New York” at the Philippine Center Gallery at Fifth Avenue in New York City in 2003. A nominee for the 13 Artists Award of the CCP in 2006, the same year he was named a Master Visual Artist by the Living Tools and Development Corporation in partnership with Monde-Nissin Corp. 


Home Invaders | April


Erick Villarruz

 A constant competitor in well-known art contests in the country, Villarruz stays active having won the grand prize in Art Petron 2008 and consecutive semi-finalist positions in the Metrobank Art & Design Excellence. At present, Villarruz's works have been seeing appreciation since he plays a vital role in group and solo exhibitions in different galleries and museums in the Philippines. 


Salt | March


Hersley Casero

In his solo exhibition, Salt, Hersley Casero traces the contours of the pandemic life not through the usual images associated with it, such as masks and shields, but in a more oblique, metaphorical way. The artist’s symbol of choice is salt: the ubiquitous element present in our bodies as mortal beings and the larger bodies of the world’s oceans; in the food we consume and share as well as in the hulking landscapes our eyes devour in a moment of wonder. 

lawrence Cervantes Re.set.jpg

Re.Set | April


Lawrence Cervantes

   In 2018, He was one of the eight young artists awarded the Tuklas Residency Program, a yearlong mentorship program under artists Renato Habulan and Alfredo Esquillo. At present, Cervantes teaches part-time at the Bulacan State University keeping a humbler approach to life as an artist and as a passionate mentor to those who look up to him - his students.

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Realize, Real Eyes, Real Lies | March

Reynold Dela Cruz

Award-winning visual artist Reynold Dela Cruz paints every single day. No day-offs or holidays. An old-timer in the art scene-- a trained worker--who painstakingly strives on a daily wage he foregoes to see a muse for inspiration to create. Like clockwork, he shows up at his studio upstairs from his home as soon as he wakes up. And while taking his morning coffee, he is already mixing his paints. This work ethic adheres regardless if ever he will have an upcoming show or not.